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At Fruity Farms, we bring the bounty of Egypt’s fertile lands to your table. As pioneers in high-quality fruit agriculture, our journey began in 2008 with a vision to deliver the freshest and most delicious produce to homes worldwide.

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Fruity Farms ensures unrivaled quality at every stage, from cultivation to your table. Meticulous farming practices, stringent testing, and transparent processes guarantee the excellence of our fresh and flavorful fruits. Trust us for a taste of uncompromised quality and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Our Products


Varieties: Oranges (Navel – Valencia) Lemon (Eureka – Verna – Lemonera) Mandarin (Murcott)
Season: December to May
Packaging: Open Top & Telescopic Box
Weight: 6 kg – 8 kg – 15 kg


Varieties: H116 – Baladi – Wonderful
Season: August to December
Packaging: Open Top Box
Weight: 4 kg – 4.5 kg – 5kg – 9 kg


Varieties: Early Sweet – Sugraone – Flame – Autumn Royal – Red Globe – Crimson
Season: Mid-May to Mid-Packaging Carry Bags & Prepacked
Weight: 4 kg - 4.5 kg – 5 kg – 9 kg

Fresh Strawberries

Varieties: Fortuna – Festival – Winter star – Sensation - Brilliance - Florida
Season: Mid-November to Mid-March
Packaging: Carton Boxes
Weight: 2 kg – 2.5 kg – 5kg